The venues given in this section are those known to the Sybils who will welcome Sibyls members who wish to visit or stay individually, or in groups.

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 Community House: Rhyl, North Wales. 

Jenny-Anne Bishop and her partner Elen run a community house for Trans people in Rhyl, North Wales. Small groups or individuals are welcome to stay. Contact Jenny-Anne Bishop 01745 033 7144 & 07500-741955

The Sisters of St Andrew: Lewisham

The Sisters were founded in the Middle Ages to welcome pilgrims 'en route' across Europe to Compostella in Spain. About the year 1231 a small group of women decided to consecrate their lives to the service of those in need and opened a hostel in Tournai (Belgium). This first Fraternity lived according to the Rule of St Augustine, received alms and gave hospitality to the poor who came to them for help.

In 2013 both the community house in Tooting, and Edenbridge (after 70 years of fruitful ministry in Education, care for the Elderly and in the latter years a Retreat Centre) closed, to make way for a new period in the history of the Congregation in England with the beginning of a foundation in Lewisham/Blackheath, in January 2014. It is here in this peaceful oasis close to the heart of the City and its multicultural population that the community will continue its ministry of welcome to pilgrims for a retreat or a time of rest and silence, as well as being involved in other ministries both in the local area and further afield. A new and challenging time has just begun!

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