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The Transsexual is my Neighbour: Pastoral Guidelines for Christian Clergy, Pastors and Congregations by Christina Beardsley.


Click Here for the full document. This is also available in booklet form from The Gender Trust at , PO Box 3192, Brighton, BN1 3WR. An alternative abbreviated version of the document is given in the information sheet section of the Gender Trust website at:


The full document contains an appendix on intersex conditions.  Please Click Here to go directly to this appendix.


Transsexual people cover the whole range of sexuality. However the priority is to be oneself. Many seek gender reassignment by surgery to make the body match the sense of gender that is felt inside.

Love’s constancy & legal niceties: transgender theological perspectives on marriage – Revd. Tina Beardsley and Susan  Gilchrist


The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 has eliminated the need for a couple to divorce when one of them transitions, but has raised other problems, particularly the requirement of spousal consent to Gender Recognition, and the backdating of pension rights.


This experiential workshop reflected theologically on marriage in the light of these and other realities of trans people’s lives and relationships.  It was led by two trans people, Susan Gilchrist and Tina Beardsley, who are both members of the Sibyls, and have each been with their partner for over four decades. Both are married to their partner: one for the whole of that time, the other following transition.


Presented at a one-day conference on the theology of marriage in the light of equal marriageheld at St John's Waterloo on the 27th September 2014


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Transgender Information Website: by Susan Gilchrist.


This external website contains pastoral and other documents relevant to the transgender community. To access it please click on the link below.




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Faith, Gender and Me: by Elaine Sommers.

This article gives a perspective on the gender issues from a transvestite or cross dresser rather than a transsexual point of view. It is presented as an interview with a single person but it describes some  general experiences. The interview in the form presented did not take place.

Transvestites and cross dressers have a gender allegiance which accords with their biological sex. There is no desire to seek gender reassignment but there is often an overwhelming need to express the senses of cross gender identity that they do possess.. Please Click Here to download the article.

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