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Confidentiality in Sibyls Online Group Meetings  


We organise various types of online group meetings. At the present time, the major focus is on the "Sibyls Services and Meetings" and the informal meetings going under the “Sibyls Bistro” title. Most of these events are presently conducted on Zoom, but other methods involving live streaming and Facebook watch parties may be used.  Some services and other events may be recorded and may then be placed on the web, the Sibyl's Members Facebook Group or other online media, so that people who could not attend at the time can continue to participate and draw from these. However, this will only be done after the consent of all the people who appear in any capacity in the video recording it is obtained.    


Please note that no informal discussion either before or after the service any such event, will be made publicly available by the Sibyls in any form. Informal meetings such as those going under the "Sibyls Bistro" title will not be recorded or posted. Therefore, most people’s images may never appear. 


If you are worried about any of this, please note that you can continue to take part in any service or event in an anonymous manner by switching your video camera off and by renaming yourself for the duration of the meeting.


You can do this on Zoom, by moving your cursor to the bottom of the screen and clicking on the video symbol which then appears. You can also rename yourself by using the link which appears when you move your cursor to the top right hand corner of the box containing your own picture or name on the screen.  



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