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The Sibyls is a UK-based confidential Christian spirituality group for transgender people, their partners and supporters. It seeks to fulfil the two great commandments of Jesus: To love God and love one another. It aims to:



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Sibyls depends on its members to organise meetings and events. Your inolvement would be most welcome. Please


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Is held in November each year. On this day those who have been murdered or died during the previous year because they were transgender are remembered. Liturgy for services are available.  For more info click the button below


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Liturgies for other services are given in the Resources section of the Sibyls website. For more:


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18 March 2018

At St Katharine's Foundation London


It was a delight to return to the Sibyls’ original home to celebrate its 21st Anniversary. The Dinner was held on the 18th March 2018 at the Royal Foundation of St Katharine, and the invitation to attend was extended to all members of the Sibyls, all former members, and everyone who has helped or supported the Sibyls at any time during the years of its existence.


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Notices And Requests




Dear Friends, As most of you are all aware, London Pride 2018 will soon be upon us all (7 July), breakfast will most probably be around 10am start, to give time for those who are on the parade to get to the meeting point for 12pm.  


We here again at St Anne’s, are offering a Pride Prayer Breakfast, with coffee tea, fresh fruit and croissant, a pain au chocolat too and  maybe even a bacon sarnie if the Churchwarden can cope with the cooking!   


Anyway you and the groups that you all represent are most welcome to join us for a prayer and some breakfast before we all head off for the parade.  


What I need now is a definitive yes, no or possibly even a maybe (at a stretch) and I need this by MONDAY 30th APRIL, so you all have plenty of time to discuss this with your groups.   Kind regards,  


Mark Godfrey Churchwarden St. Anne’s Church St Anne with St.Thomas & St. Peter 55 Dean Street Soho London W1D 6AF


E-mail:   Twitter: @StAnnesChurchSoho Facebook:


About Us


The Sibyls is a UK-based confidential Christian spirituality group for transgender people, their partners and their supporters.We also welcome intersex people.The Sibyls offers companionship along the journey, and information/advocacy to churches.


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All who support us are welcome. The Sibyls is an inclusive Christian group. We just ask that you abide by the ethos and purpose of the group. No conformity with specific faiths, creeds or doctrines is required


If you need help, or to ask to join, please email us in total confidence at