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 'Transfaith: a transgender pastoral resource'



Authors: Chris Dowd, Christina Beardsley and Justin Tanis

Darton Longman and Todd

ISBN 978 0 232 53311 8 

Paperback |224 pp |216 x 135 mm  Price: £14.99

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'Transfaith: a transgender pastoral resource' was published by DLT in March 2018. Just like ‘the Sibyls’ book’ 'This is my body: hearing the theology of transgender Christians', which has sold well, the royalties from the sales of Transfaith will go to the Sibyls. So the more books you buy and promote the better off the Sibyls will be!


First though, you’ll want to know more about the contents of the book. Based around the findings of Chris’s research into twelve trans people’s spirituality, it also includes:


• A chapter on trans terminology – how it’s evolved, the current surge of creativity, and the shift from medical language to the personal and the spiritual.

 • A chapter about gender in the Book of Genesis, and a fascinating look at the shaky so-called Natural Law ‘objections’ to trans people

• A chapter exploring how, in the light of trans people’s spiritual narratives, the character of Job, from the Old Testament book of that name, is a possible ‘transcestor’.

• 13 ‘insights’ that will help churches to reflect and respond pastorally when they encounter trans people.

• A chapter by trans academic Justin Tanis on what it’s like for trans people in the US just now, including the religious scene

 • 4 Bible studies, with discussion starters: Christ as the ‘new Adam’, Joseph from Genesis, Psalm 139 and the raising of Lazarus.

• 7 liturgies to mark the life stages of trans people and their loved ones.

• A bibliography





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