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The Sibyls is now a member group of the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups  


At the annual conference of the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups, held in May in Gdansk, Poland, The Sibyls was elected into the Forum by a unanimous vote. The application was presented by Elaine Sommers and fellow Sibyls members Shanon Ferguson and Tina Beardsley, who was an invited speaker.   


The addition of The Sibyls to the Forum family has particular significance, as it is the first and only trans group out of more than 40 member groups. The conference programme also reflected this, with a number of workshops exploring the importance and need for a greater presence of trans people in the Forum.  


There will be a more detailed report of the conference in the next issue of the Sibyls Newsletter, which will describe how being a member group  of the European Forum can help the Sibyls in our work for inclusion in our Christian communities.


Elaine Sommers is a Sibyls member and a Co-President of the European Forum and Chair of the Trans Working Group 




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