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Sibyls Hilfield Weekend

22-24 September 2017

 One Church, One Faith, One Lord  


Provisional Programme


The validity of Same-sex, or Equal Marriage is a topic which is causing major dissention in the Christian Church. For transgender people there are potentially life changing issues and trauma to be overcome, for both partners, with when one person in a marriage transitions. In the present climate the focus is almost entirely on lesbian, gay and bisexual concerns. The challenges which transgender people face are largely ignored. We will be addressing these issues from a transgender point of view during the weekend.  


As a URC minister Deirdre Bunney will be describing her personal journey of understanding of marriage, which has moved from the traditional point of view that it can only “be between one man and one woman for life” to the more open acceptance in the present day. Susan Gilchrist will give an account of the history of differing attitudes to marriage, extending from Old Testament times to today.  A Church of England Bishop will be invited to give an insight on the present disagreements which are currently taking place within the Church. Ways forward will be discussed.


A further session “Transgender perspectives on Marriage” will be held to chart the paths ahead in particular from the transgender perspective, and ways of making transgender people more welcome into the Church, including the provision of appropriate liturgies.  The weekend is not intended to be one where individual issues form any part of a group or any shared discussions. However it is intended to have a facilitator present with whom any personal issues can be discussed in a private way


The weekend will be partly self-catering. We will be organising our own breakfasts and evening meals. However we will be having lunch with the Franciscan Brothers




Booking information will be available shortly



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