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GIRES' primary mission is to improve the circumstances in which trans people live, by changing the way that society treats them. Accordingly, its aim is to generate supportive attitudes among all those who can make those improvements happen, including politicians, other policy makers, clinicians, the providers of commercial and government services including the police, teachers, employers, and journalists, as well as other family members.


GIRES' approach is based on research both into the origins of atypical gender identity development and transsexualism and, also, into the way that society reacts to the people experiencing these conditions. It develops good practice guidelines, education programmes and literature, all specially tailored for each of the groups that it aims to influence.


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GIRES Gender Identity Research and Education Society Transgender Awareness Course


 There are three different modules


Module 1 is a general introduction to gender variance, for example explaining basic terminology


 Module 2 covers how to create trans-inclusive workplaces and specific guidance on how to support an employee who transitions at work


Module 3 covers how to provide trans-inclusive services to the general public


GIRES Elearning Course





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